Table of Contents


1. Walking on Sunshine: Singing Friendship’s Praises
2. Top of the World: Scaling the Levels of Friendship

Part One. Swaying to the Music: Honor Others by Bending and Accepting
3. Just the Way You Are: Seeing Only the Best
4. We Can Work It Out: Valuing Differences
5. I’ve Got a Feeling: Respecting Emotions
6. You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Dealing with Difficult People

Part Two. Striking the Right Chords: Converse like a Jazz Player
7. Wake Up Little Suzie: Tuning In Completely
8. Do You Believe in Magic?: Casting Spells with Affirmations
9. Lean on Me: Giving Loving Support
10. Words Get in the Way: Speaking with Integrity

Part Three. Playing Well with Others: Maintain Equality to Create Harmony
11. I Can’t Go for That: Keeping an Equal Footing
12. Hit the Road Jack: Setting Limits with Takers
13. Stop! In the Name of Love: Confronting Transgressions

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