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The Author — Play It by Ear

The Author

RON CARDUCCI, PH.D., has been involved in the counseling field for more than thirty-five years. He received his marriage and family counseling license in 1972 and his doctorate in clinical psychology in 1975. Licensed in both Nevada and Colorado, he has focused on working with clients in private practice.

His expertise covers a wide range of treatment areas, such as individual, couple, and family counseling; group therapy training; child management training; and substance abuse therapy. Earlier in his career, Ron served as a psychologist consultant at Columbine, Oakview, and Raleigh Hills Denver hospitals, and as a governor-appointed member of the Colorado State Ethics Grievance Board. Presently, he is an approved provider for the NFL Players Association and counsels members of the Denver Bronco football team and their spouses.

Prior to and during many years of his career as a psychologist, Ron performed as a full-time musician, playing drums in jazz orchestras and traveling with jazz performers and popular acts. While living in Nevada, he worked as the house drummer and percussionist at the Flamingo, Stardust, and Aladdin hotels in Las Vegas and at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe.

As a ten-year-old boy, Ron discovered the joys of friendship when he met Billy Murphy, his first best friend. He has treasured having close friends ever since. As a psychologist, he has given the subject much thought and analysis. Play It by Ear combines his passion for jazz with his longtime personal and professional interest in friendship.

Ron lives in Denver with his wife, Felicia.